Stephanie Claussen

    Influenced by her love of fairy tales, Tolkien, and the world music section at her local library, 2018 US National Scottish Harp Champion Stephanie Claussen plays concerts filled with Scottish tunes, Bach preludes, and sundry pieces either medieval or French. Claussen obtained her B.M. in harp performance from the University of Minnesota and now teaches and performs throughout the Upper Midwest.

    As a recipient of the 2014 Arts Tour grant, Claussen toured outstate Minnesota with a program entitled “Eclectic Harp,” sharing music most people don’t expect to hear on the harp. In 2018 Minnesota Regional Arts Council’s Next Step Grant sent her to Scotland to attend the Edinburgh International Harp Festival. A two-time winner at the Master level in the Minnesota Scottish Harp Competition, in 2018 she competed at the Edinboro Highland Games in Pennsylvania and won the title of 2018 US National Scottish Harp Champion. Claussen has released five solo albums and two books of harp arrangements. When not making music, she enjoys repainting her walls and drinking English Breakfast tea out of a real teacup.