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Light in the Well is a multi-sensory performance illuminating the experiences of people with disabilities and their families through orchestral music and storytelling.

We had our first public performance on October 3rd and the audience response was overwhelming. Many people cried and stated that they were touched in a deep way. Due to COVID restrictions, we only had a limited number of tickets for our live show. However, we were so eager to share Light in the Well with you that we are making a recording of the performance available!

We hope through Light in the Well, you will be able to glimpse what it is like to have a child with disabilities. The Light in the Well team envisions a future that embraces the diversity and inclusion of people with disabilities in society, whether they are in school, working or simply living in the community.

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Our Mission and Purpose

Our Mission and the Purpose of the Music


Performance Date: October 3rd, 2021

Location: MacPhail Center for Music 501 S 2nd St Minneapolis, MN 55401

Video Length: 83 minutes

Video Format:1080p 30fps streaming video

Sponsors Include:

  • MacPhail’s James E. Ericksen Professional Development Grant
  • Springboard for the Arts, University of Minnesota Institute for Advanced Study Research
  • Creative Collaborators

Production Team Includes:

  • Carlos Anguita – Photography
  • Tina Bevan – Visual Art
  • Carolyn Kester – Video Editing
  • Drew Kinkade – Videography
  • Liv Peterson – Visual Art
  • Phil Welch – Audio Technician
  • Garrett Young – Videography

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  1. This is so impressive! I regret I missed this show as I enrolled at McPhail last year. So I look forward to the Landmark show this October.

    1. Light in the Well

      So glad you were able to watch the performance online! You will have to come in-person the next time!

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