Live Performance Recording Fundraiser

Light in the Well Live Performance Trailer

Light in the Well’s first live performance on October 3, 2021 was a huge success. Many of you couldn’t make it due to COVID-19 restrictions. No worries! We recorded the whole show and are pleased to make it available to you now for your enjoyment.  

The show recording is an hour and 22 minutes long. It depicts the emotional journey of having a child with disabilities through the personal stories of the first four families featured by Light in the Well. You will learn about Light in the Well’s mission, the creation of this commissioned musical piece, meet the featured members of our community in their specific movements, and watch them perform alongside professional musicians.

We would like to invite you to support the ongoing work of Light in the Well. Your contribution will help fund the musicians, technicians, visual artists, and photographers for our next live performance on Sunday, October 16, 2022, at the Landmark Center in St. Paul. MN. Please mark that performance date on your calendar. We hope you will join us for that live show.

Thank you for partnering with Light in the Well. Your support will help bring hope and joy to many as we showcase and celebrate the abilities of people with disabilities. We hope you enjoy the show!

—The Light in the Well Community




Light in the Well is a show to honor people with disabilities and their families, sharing their inspiring stories through music and spreading hope to other people on the same journey.

Based on true stories, we have created a new piece of music that reflects the events and emotions experienced by families that have children with disabilities. Music will be the storyteller to carry out each chapter of their lives. The piece is about 60 minutes.

The project uses storytelling through music as a way to build bridges and invite people into the conversation of hope. Instead of being the audience, people with disabilities will be invited to participate in the music to play certain parts along with professional musicians.

Musicians, artists, and people like you help to share the light.

Read about the people featured in the music.