Light in the Well Audience Experiences

Light in the Well (LITW) is a non-profit organization formed in 2022. The vision of LITW is: A world of kindness where people with varying abilities learn from, appreciate, and embrace one another. Our mission: Building bridges between people with and without disabilities to provide hope, enrich lives and influence culture through creative music experiences, storytelling and education.  

Light in the Well is also the name of our signature event – a multi-sensory event weaving together symphony movements and the real-life stories of people with disabilities. People with disabilities are featured, telling their own stories and performing as a part of the orchestra. Our first live performance, held at MacPhail Center for Music, was sold out. After-show interviews showed the audience felt they gained a deeper understanding of and appreciation for people with disabilities. The featured families observed the growth of their children. Our second live performance was at the Landmark Center in St Paul, and was featured at the 2022 Landmark Center Gala. 

Our longer-term goals include education — primarily through live performances; interactive speaking engagements with a variety of audiences including students, employers, professionals who serve people with disabilities (doctors, therapists, social workers, etc.) and community groups; writing children’s picture books as a method of story-telling; and develop a documentary highlighting music therapy and how music brings people with and without disabilities together as a community.

Musicians, artists, and people like you help to share the light.

Read about the people featured in the music.