Madelyn Herbrand

    Madelyn Herbrand joined the MacPhail faculty in 2020 as a Music Therapist in the Music Therapy and MacPhail Music for Life™ departments. Madelyn completed her clinical internship at the Children’s Hospitals of Minnesota. She has worked in student leadership and has research and clinical experience in a variety of medical settings.

    She approaches every opportunity to work with clients through an eclectic lens, striving to use an individual’s strengths to create a safe space that provides structure for success in reaching non-musical goals through music. Madelyn had the opportunity to conduct research on the Medical Oncology/Hematology Unit at the University of Minnesota Medical Center. She has presented the results of this study at the American Music Therapy National Conference and published her findings in November 2020. Her research can be found in the Psychology of Music Journal. Madelyn also initiated a project that explored the “musical selves” of all people. She aims to tap into each client’s musical potential to help them reach their individualized goals through music therapy.

    She holds a Bachelor of Music in Music Therapy from the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities.