James Johnson

    James Johnson, born in October 1999 in Maryland, now lives in Elko, Minnesota. He graduated from the Lakeville South High School in 2018.

    James was diagnosed with classic autism at age 2. He showed inclination towards music and began taking piano lessons at age 4.  His first teacher identified him as having absolute (perfect) pitch. Even with this ability, James has required many hours of lessons, daily practice, and support to become a public performer.  At age 16, with support, he began volunteering his piano performances at local senior homes and hospitals.  Since completing high school, James has been performing weekly at the MSP airport, senior homes, and on occasion, weddings and special events. His business AbiliKeys in Autism advocates for those like him – on their ABILITIES.

    Since 2018, with support, James has also been taking music classes at Normandale Community College. He likes being busy and having a routine.