Lillian Keliher

    My name is Lillian Keliher. I like to swim, make stories, and read graphic novels. It is important for me to express myself in writing as my speech is not perfect. I can type. When I swim, I feel great, because my body listens to me. Other times my body doesn’t really listen to me. For example, I want to skip across the room, but end up galloping. I feel confident, free, and better when I swim. Another thing that makes me feel this way is blowing balloons.

    Masha is my emotional support cat. She came to our family at the same time as Stella, my sister, was born. She always helped me when I was scared. I lay down with Masha, as she makes great healing for my tummy.

    When I was 4 years old I got sick. First, my stomach was in pain. Then I got a sore throat. Then I could not open my mouth. My body went out of my control. I could not hold objects. I could no longer go downstairs without falling. Clothes felt horrible like thousands of tiny insects crawling on me. I felt like I was outside of my body and desperately trying to make this puppet move. I am still recovering from the sickness, but it does not define me. I still can create no matter what life is going to pour on my head.