Donna Ray

    Hi! I’m DONNA RAY — Ceramic/potter/sculpture artist. I am a part of the 21st century artist leadership movement.

    Throughout my career as a differently abled artisan, community engagement activities & projects have first educated than inspired me to create more social justice worldly art. Using the process of writing/creating vignettes I give life expression to my art. The work presented in this show is about musical instruments rattles & rain sticks and one magical creature Komodo Dragon Fly.

    I have been a ceramic artist for over 20 years. As a curatorial student member of The Fearless Artist cohort 4. I was able to successfully curate my 2nd solo show through a residency sponsored by the Minnesota African American Heritage Museum and Gallery. The title Women’s Equity and Gender Fluidity (3A’s) Education, Finance , and Real Estate. The very first solo show I had & did not curate titled Black & White with a touch of color was through; Art for all Stephanie Evelo

    Currently I am a resident studio artist at Northern Clay Center located in south Minneapolis.