Carlos Anguita

    When I started studying at the University of Puerto Rico, I planned to pursue a career in science. It was at that time that I realized that photography is an amazing tool…for artists, scientists and especially journalists. That is when I decided to enroll in the School of Communications and Journalism at the university. After completing my Bachelor’s degree, I started working in radio and TV, but also did some freelance photography for advertising firms and newspapers. I was then hired as a Staff Photographer for The San Juan Star, a daily, bilingual newspaper. I covered all types of assignments, but mainly focused on entertainment, sports, restaurants, and travel. Five years later I was appointed Photo Editor and two years after that, Photography and Graphics Editor. Besides covering all kinds of assignments, I had the opportunity to design and develop “Scene Magazine,” a Fashion-Entertainment publication that ran in the same newspaper. Four years later I also worked on the “evolution” of that project, “San Juan City Magazine,” a high-end, multi-topic magazine. What I loved most about photojournalism is that I was able to tell a story with my camera and at the same time continually learn new things. After 27 years as a photojournalist and editor, I moved with my wife and son from Puerto Rico to Minnesota. I currently work for Minneapolis Public Schools as an Interpreter for Early Childhood and Special Education. I also teach photography at Jefferson School Community Education Program for adults.