Carlo Yao

    Carlo Yao is a retired professional dancer now turned Financial Analyst and Videographer here in the Twin Cities.

    Since an early age doodling Spider-Man on chalkboards and book covers, he’s always been in love with creating things. There’s just something so amazing about creating something out of nothing with just your imagination. This is why he eventually fell in love with dance. After an accomplished professional dance career in hip-hop, he’s stepped away from it, but he’s found a new creative outlet in videography. Carlo works for Lyon Motions as a videographer, he’s worked with the Landmark Center in St. Paul, and he also works with local Minnesota businesses in the fitness industry.

    When he’s not doing videography work, you can catch him at one of three places. You can catch him at home dancing in the kitchen while he cooks for his wife and two kids. You can catch him back-seat coaching his kids basketball games from the stands. Or you can catch him in the gym, again, trying to create something amazing out of nothing. This is Carlo in a nutshell, and he’s excited to be a part of this experience!