Bob Kanygin

    Bob Kanygin lives in Nova Scotia, Canada, in a village about one-half hour away from Halifax. He is married and has one daughter. He has been a volunteer for over 30 years, serving on Boards of various organizations, working on projects, and providing much-needed labor to help make various events a success.

    After obtaining a master’s degree in Health Service Administration, he worked in the largest hospital in Nova Scotia for 25 years, gaining skills in working with health system data, working with various computers, and working with data management software. He described his work as “taking 23,000 lines of data, cleaning it up, and making a one-page graph”.

    After retiring in 2008, he started a company, Bonnyfate Databases, to create MS Access databases for various clients. His company has become an umbrella organization for other tasks such as teaching adults to use Microsoft applications, video editing, videographer, and general laborer.

    For fun, Bob reads detective and mystery novels, watches movies and TV programs using streaming platforms, plays tuba in the Halifax Concert Band, and occasionally plays his ukulele or acoustic guitar or bass guitar.

    During COVID, with the closures of activities like festivals, he began activities as a virtual volunteer. He has become good at using virtual meeting software, such as Zoom.